So many books, so little time… (part 10)

The Spaniard and the Seven Deadly Sins  (1967) by Fernando Diaz-Plaja I plucked this off the 1€ table of one of the booksellers on calle Claudio Moyano near Atocha station in Madrid. I couldn’t resist the cheesy gimmick: the title of each chapter is one of the seven deadly sins. The beautiful maps of Spain … Continue reading So many books, so little time… (part 10)



In a futile attempt to escape the relentless heatwave that’d been terrorizing Europe this summer we spent a week at the in-laws’ rustic little cottage in the Jerte Valley. Lucyna, the Polish woman who takes care of Lola’s father, was pushing him around the garden in his fancy new wheelchair. She was chainsmoking, as always, … Continue reading Trashumancia