I’m a Yank living in Spain (how original) with my Spanish wife (Extremeñan to be more precise). I write about the mundane everyday adventures I have as an ex-pat, where I’m travelling, what I’m reading, what I’m eating and drinking… That sort of thing.

Chorrada is a Spanish word meaning: (objeto insignificante) knick-knack; le regalaremos cualquier chorrada = we’ll give her some little thing; (tontería) la película es una chorrada = the film is nonsense; no digas chorradas = stop talking drivel; (de orina) echar la chorrada = to have a piss. 

So welcome to the Chorrada  blog. Thanks for reading.

chorrada images008



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi mate, or should i say buddy? Just found your blog while searching for chorradas on WordPress, so a perfect find. I’m not a yank but rather a brexit Brit also living and writing about life in Spain. I live in Seville and my wife is sevillana, so guess we are sort of in the same boat. Anyway, thought I’d say Hola, so Hola. Looking forward to reading more chorradas.

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